What Is Shoplyst.ca?

Lyst Admin April 3, 2018 2 Comments

What Is Shoplyst.ca?

Welcome To Shoplyst.ca!

Hi! So since you’re reading this blog post, you’ve probably heard a little bit about us here at Lyst and maybe you have some questions. Hopefully, as you read on, all of your questions will be answered and you’ll be just as excited about the vision we have for Lyst and its potential to bring our community together. So here goes…

What exactly is Shoplyst.ca?

We all know Southern Ontario is full of creative entrepreneurs who have a lot to offer. We also know, shopping local is something we as consumers all want to do more of, but sometimes there are barriers. How do we find the amazing & unique products we know are out there? Shoplyst.ca is an online hub for local buyers and sellers to connect.

Our goal with creating Lyst was not to replace the online platforms you are already using, but rather to create a space where buyers can search for, discover & support local businesses within their own community with ease.

Who can use Shoplyst.ca?

Everyone and anyone because it’s awesome and 100% free!

To break it down though, as a buyer, it’s 100% free. Just type in either the product you’re looking for in the search bar or browse products within your area using the location feature if you need some inspiration. Once you find something you like, you can contact the seller directly via their contact information. When you’re ready to purchase something, discuss payment and pick up/shipping details with the seller directly. That’s it!

As a seller, it’s also 100% free! If you’re an independent maker, store owner or entrepreneur, you can list up to 50 active ads on shoplyst.ca completely free. Once you list your items or services, you will receive your own store URL that displays all the ads you have uploaded, links to your website & socials as well as your contact details. There are no commissions or listing fees and we’ll promote your ads to encourage others to view your products or services.

Oh ya, and did we mention, it’s 100% free!

What kind of products & services can be listed on Shoplyst.ca?

There are many garage sale style sites out there where you can sell your used items that are no longer needed, but we are not one of them. We created Lyst for products that are new, unique, handmade, refinished or vintage. We want to support entrepreneurs, creatives & makers. We have created space on our site for the products and services that we feel would be a good fit, but are open to adding space for products or services that we have not yet thought of!

So there you have it. Our vision at Lyst is to bring local buyers & sellers together, making supporting local easy & convenient. If all of your questions weren’t answered or you just want to chat and learn more about us, you can contact us via email at admin@shoplyst.ca or contact us on Instagram or Facebook @shoplyst.ca. 

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